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AzureGreen DPAGMIN Pagan Mini Deck

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Product Description

Manufacturer Part Number: DPAGMIN

A valuable tool for the pagan on the go, this miniature version of the Pagan Tarot, often called the Pagan Mini blends traditional Wiccan and Pagan symbolism with modern lifestyles.

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Customer Reviews
Date Added: Wednesday 02 October, 2013
I am a professional Taroist and Psychic with 25 years experience. Over the years I've collected many decks. When I first picked up the Pagan Tarot it was more out of curiosity than to actually use, but I've changed my opinion of it sense I brought it home. I first started using it just for fun on personal readings, now it has become one of my regular reading decks when I'm out in public at psychic fair.I like the modern symbolism the deck's creator has put on the classic themes for each card. It's easier for some people to relate to them than some of the more standard decks.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Wednesday 02 October, 2013
I bought this deck on the review alone and I am quite pleased with it. This deck depicts modern settings as well as Pagan rituals. The artwork is great and the little white book that comes with the deck is informative when you get stuck regarding the meaning of a card.The only perplexing card in the deck was Key #16 The Tower, which depicts a young woman dressed in ceremonial robes turning away from two nude couples engaged in sexual activity. I was stunned by the overt sexuality in this card and wondered how it related to the conventional meaning of the Tower card. I took this deck to my Pagan/Wiccan circle and passed it around. Every person there generally liked the deck but also questioned the Tower card.The little white booklet said of the Tower card, "If we do not relinquish the path of baser nature, if we continue to act in ways that are not in our greatest good, the Tower tears down those things that are dangerous to us, and forces us to confront the reality before us." Ok so is it saying that sex is "base"? I don't buy into that. But I do like they way the booklet explained. I just don't think the meaning presented in the booklet goes along very well with the actual picture on the card. And why was it pictured like that anyway? I just have questions.If this doesn't bother you then I suggest you buy this deck. I actually really like it but I just wanted to give you a clear picture of this issue as I wasn't the only one perplexed by the Tower card in my circle. It could just be a message for me that I need to figure out. After all, this was the first card I drew from this deck in my daily Tarot card drawing. :-)*I'm adding/editing this to say that with the input of the artist/creator of the Pagan tarot I have discovered the meaning behind the picture in the Tower card. The young robed woman depicted turning away is the seeker who has decided that this coven she has joined is not for her. They are about having sex, not spirituality, and she is searching for a deeper meaning. She has had an epiphany which is what the tower is all about. She is then able to turn to the "right" path which is shown in the next card, The Star. She is being led by the Goddess. As I lay out the Major arcana, side by side in sequence, I can see the story of the seeker developing, changing, and coming to a conclusion. I didn't quite see this before. (Guess I had an epiphany too!) Now I would like to have a book to accompany this deck. The more I look at it the more I would love to read about it and all the stories each card presents! The cards are very detailed and I see several stories at once. I can now recommend this deck 100% Thanks for reading this far. End of edit*BlessingsWildaseel ForestMoon
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Tuesday 10 September, 2013
I didn't realize they used Pagan and Wiccan synonymously so I don't relate to all of the pictures. I do like how modern-ish the deck is though and think it'll still be useful.
Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 25 March, 2013
I have been using this deck for years. Wonderfully illustrated and this deck has always been spot on for me and my sitters.Blessed Be,Cardinal Anna Rose
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 23 May, 2011
These cards keep me grounded and functioning properly! I love so many of my decks, but this deck, so far, is the one that really speaks to me and helps me answer many dilemmas. I purchased the companion book separately and there are some editing issues, but The Pagan Tarot is so right on for me that those issues are not an issue! This is the deck I keep close at hand all the time.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Sunday 30 January, 2011
Pagan Tarot is based on the symbolism used in the Rider Waite deck but with a twist, the deck features a main character, a young Pagan woman who are in almost every one of the cards, the deck is a depiction of her Spiritual journey through Paganism, and as such the cards are great for meditation for those of us walking a similar path. Pagan Tarot manages to use it's gimmick and them to great effect while at the same time not loosing the original Tarot symbolism.Pagan Tarot had a very modern feel, the main character wears jeans and the Chariot is a car, she is also seen sitting by a computer. To many this modern imagery might be off putting as they expect Tarot cards to have a more mystic feel if you like, and I must admit that I was thinking the same when I first got these cards, however the more I work with the Pagan Tarot the more I feel that the modern look of the cards are appropriate, the girl going through the lessons of Paganism is just like you or me, and we live in a modern world with jeans and cars and computers so it is only fitting that those things are on the cards as well. However be warned that if you can not imagine a Tarot deck with a car on one of the cards then this deck is not for you.I think Pagan Tarot have good symbolism, it is great for meditation and I think that for many Pagans who can identify with the main character's journey this deck can become deeply personal. I like the idea of a Tarot deck with one character on all the cards so that the lessons of the Tarot becomes about her journey and development and at the same time it speaks about the user of the deck's journey and development.Now it sounds like I love this deck so why on Earth am I giving it only three stars, well here is the rub, this deck is incredibly flimsy, the cards are printed on very thin cardboard meaning that you have to be very careful not to damage the cards. If they had done this deck with a bit better build quality it would be great, but as it is, it is good but the poor quality limits it's use.
Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!]
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