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Encore Punch Weekend Project With Kristan Cunningham With Nexgen Technology

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Product Description

Tools and advice for your next project

Product Information

Punch! Weekend Project with Kristan Cunningham with NexGen Technology features design tips from HGTV's Kristan Cunningham as well as a whole host of design tools for your projects.  Visualize your project with the right tools right at your fingertips, including professional design advice and all the steps needed to make your project a reality no matter your budget.  Weekend Project with Kristan Cunningham with NexGen Technology makes it easy to bring your ideas to life - and save money and energy by going green.

Product Benefits
  • Perfect for all types of projects including fixtures, outdoor living, remodels, decorating
  • Exclusive How-To Center shows you how to do your project step by step
  • Design advice from Kristan Cunningham as seen on HGTV and the Rachael Ray Show

Product Highlights
Remodel and Decorate
  • QuickStart - The easy QuickStart feature automatically gets your project on track with simple drag-and-drop functionality.  Use SmartRooms to go from start to a layout in just seconds.
  • Visualize Your Project - The tools are at your fingertips, including professional design advice and the steps to complete your project.
  • Your Complete Project Toolbox - Weekend Project features floor plans, electrical and plumbing fixture, deck design, and landscape features, all with drag-and-drop ease of use.
  • Get Projects Done - Use the exclusive Punch! How-To Center to bring your project ideas to reality.  Informative videos help you get the most design power from the software - just click on a project to see how it's done step by step.

Kitchen and Bath
  • Bathroom Projects - It's easy to add a new sink or vanity, or even get more adventurous with bathroom projects.  Choose from different styles of faucets, toilets, sinks, and vanities, then add to your room design.
  • Cabinet Projects - Add value to your home with a kitchen update.  Try out different cabinet finishes and features before you buy, or update sinks, appliances and more with the extensive object library.  The real-time estimator keeps track of materials and expenses as you design.
  • Paint and Wallpaper - Pick your favorite paint and wall coverings, then change the entire room in one mouse click.  Using decorator palettes and other tools, it's easy and fun to change your room style and layout.

Deck, Patio, and Landscape
  • Outdoor Living and Landscape - Design a container garden or go for a total yard update.  Weekend Projects makes it easy to design like a master gardener and lets you view your designs in day or night.
  • PlantFinder - Specify your zone and let the handy PlantFinder suggest plantings automatically, making it easy to find plants that will grow and look great in your yard or garden - and watch them grow over a time you specify.
  • Fast Track - PhotoView lets you landscape using a photo of your actual house, letting you see how changes and additions will look before you add them.
  • 3D Custom Workshop - Create your own objects to place in your design, or edit existing library items.  Hundreds of drag and drop outdoor furniture and other accessories.
  • Lighting and Fixtures - Try a new ceiling fan, outdoor lighting, or room fixture, then turn it on and see it light the area. Fixtures glow to create realistic shadows and effects.

Cabinets and Storage
  • Storage Projects - Find ideas for organization and shelving for closets, garages, books, and curios.  Learn how to build curios and bookshelves, design a closet system or shed, and turn garage clutter into found space.
  • Interior Design Projects - Brand name libraries for furniture, objects, paint, wallcoverings, flooring, and more let you try actual products to complete your design concept.  You can create and save your own color combinations while Kristan share decorating secrets.
  • Flooring - Easily update a room with tile, wood floor, or concrete stain.  Weekend Project includes a complete palette of flooring textures for thousands of combinations.

Windows and Doors
  • Windows and Doors - Update your home with custom window or door replacements, even experiment with different trim  or cased openings easily.
  • Remodel - Design a new space and put unused areas to work with the ideas and tips in Weekend Project.

Product Features

  • Clean, uncluttered user interface
  • Green tips for eco-friendly building and energy savings
  • Step by step project guides
  • Designer tips by Kristan Cunningham
  • Seamless integration of major tools
  • Visual feedback during use
  • Collapsible palettes and toolsets
  • Video tutorials
  • Open/Clear recently accessed project list
  • Multiple floor home design
  • Virtual Ruler for easy measurements
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Tool tips
  • Detailed floor plan notations
  • Draw in 3D, see photo-realistic 3D
  • Opens files from previous Punch! products
  • Auto-Save in the event of power failure
  • Mouse options for 3D navigation, viewpoint, zoom

2D Capabilities
  • Create scaled plans
  • 2D elevation views
  • 2D geometry creation views
  • Object and point level editing
  • Modify curves using smooth/unsmooth

  • Editable templates
  • Drop in pre-created standard rooms
  • Kitchen, bath, bedroom, closet, garage, and title block templates

  • Fast and easy home layout
  • Building block technology
  • Place rooms with a single click
  • 2D home plan automatically created
  • Auto-labeled rooms
  • Multiple floors
  • Resize and prioritize individual rooms
  • Auto-generate roof for your home design

3D Technology
  • Photo-realistic, anti-aliasing technology
  • Real-time walk through and fly around
  • Viewpoint - user defined view angle
  • Look up and down view controls
  • Change fly through center at any time
  • Walk up and down stairs
  • Shadows with user defined light source
  • Lighting brightness control
  • Night View capability
  • Definable field of view
  • All lights cast multiple shadows for increased 3D realism
  • 3D elevation views
  • 3D view print/export options
  • Control object visibility to increase speed
  • Fast rendering
  • 3D Cutaway Slider

Import/Export Options
  • Export to most popular file formats
  • Export jpg, bmp, psd, png, tga, wmf

Editing Tools
  • Extensive properties sheet
  • Undo/redo up to 50 levels
  • Precision tools
  • Easily move, rotate or flip entire plan
  • Change wall, roof, floor, and other segment lengths with keyboard entry
  • Arrow key nudge option
  • Rotate objects
  • Paste Crosshair cursor
  • Grid

Decorator Palette
  • Organize and save your design choices
  • Editable, custom palettes
  • Label palettes for different rooms or family member's favorites
  • Import/export palette options
  • Change colors/materials in your design simultaneously with one mouse click

Wall Coverings

  • Choose paint and wall covering options
  • 1125 color hues to choose from, with color ramps, or Customizable to 16 million total colors
  • Room spaces are intelligently recognized for easy decorating
  • Exterior wainscot options

Material Finder
  • Color Sampling
  • Click on a material in your drawing to easily identify it
  • Select any item in your drawing to match its color
  • Coordinate colors in a room
  • Match walls with furnishings, etc.

Brand Name Content
  • Sherwin-Williams (paint)
  • Warner Wallcoverings
  • S.A. Maxwell (wallcoverings)
  • Faux Effects International (faux finishing)
  • Warner Wall Coverings (wallpaper)
  • Kahrs hardwood floors
  • Daltile (tile for flooring and walls)
  • Nova Distinctive Flooring (cork flooring)
  • Kemiko Concrete Stains (concrete stain/faux finishing for floors)
  • Buechel Stone (natural stone)
  • Southwest Stone (natural stone)
  • Samsung Staron (solid surfaces)
  • GAF (roofing)
  • Tourlinks (personal putting greens)
  • FauxWood Beams
  • Bamboo Hardwoods
  • EnviroGLAS (recycled glass countertops)
  • Swisstrax, Inc (garage flooring)
  • Designer Palms, Inc

Furnishing and Landscape Objects
  • Updated object library
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Object categories include: Kitchen, Bath, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, game Room, Home Theater, Nursery, Office, Library, Exterior, Fireplaces, Floor Rugs, Exterior Lighting, Log Home components, Going Green, and more
  • Auto-elevate objects to floors/ceilings

Cabinet Tools

  • Cabinet Designer
  • Create custom cabinets
  • Cabinets become "smart" objects
  • Auto-track to walls
  • Variety of face styles
  • Custom surface textures
  • Add knobs, pulls, etc. to drawers
  • Countertop cutouts for kitchen and vanity sinks

  • Perimeter dimensioning
  • Continuous object insertion
  • 3D Elevation Slider
  • Auto dimensioning
  • Metric or English measurement option
  • Fraction capability for all measurements
  • Turn off/on dimensioning
  • Inside/center/outside wall dimensions
  • Sq footage auto-labeled for each room

  • TrueType font support
  • Multi-line text
  • Aligned text
  • Rotate text to any angle

Object Organizer
  • Create custom Object categories for custom collections of furniture, etc.
  • Move objects from library to library

  • Wall Properties Edit Sheet
  • LogiCursor Technology
  • Laser alignment with other walls
  • Snapping for endpoint, center point, and intersection
  • Auto wall generator
  • Optionally enter wall lengths with keyboard
  • Angle lock for custom wall creation
  • Wall Break Tool
  • Copy walls between floors
  • Walls lock to 5 degree increments
  • Angle measurements displayed
  • Dimensions show real-time wall position during editing
  • SmartRooms intelligently recognize room spaces, auto-update changes
  • Specify floor thickness for each room
  • Horizontal/Vertical lock on/off
  • Variable wall thickness and heights
  • Automatic flooring on/off
  • Variable stud spacing
  • Custom wall shapes, angles, and sizes
  • Window/Door call-outs
  • Automatic base trim
  • Library paneling
  • Floor Cutout Tool w/depth/area calc

Stair Design Tools
  • Straight or curved stairs
  • Open staircase option
  • Removable side skirt wall
  • Click and drag curved staircase radius
  • Click and drag stair rotation
  • Custom ht/wt, riser ht, tread wt
  • Hand rails left/right, on/off, custom height
  • Combine different colors on posts, railings, and steps
  • Railing Tool
  • Change railing elevation for ramps
  • Customize baluster spacing
  • Circular (spiral) staircases

  • Settings become defaults for drawing
  • 19 customizable window styles: round, hex, triangle, arch, etc.
  • Width, height, elevation settings
  • Trim width adjustment
  • Stackable windows and doors
  • Custom window panel/grill wizard
  • Click and Drag placement
  • Auto-insert in wall
  • Auto-dimension read out
  • Stain, paint, or add any material
  • Flip horizontally or vertically

  • Settings become defaults for drawing
  • 12 customizable door styles: Cased, Arched, Elliptical Openings, Hinged, Elliptical Arched, French, 9-Light, Wooden Glass Panel, Pocket, Bi-Fold, Sliding Glass and Garage Doors
  • Set width, height, and elevation
  • Trim width adjustment
  • Stackable doors and windows
  • Hide for easy 3D viewing
  • Click and Drag placement
  • Auto-dimension read out
  • Click and Drag door swing angle
  • Auto-insert in wall
  • Reverse Hinge option

  • Automatic Plnat Fill in or around a shape
  • User-definable spacing for plants
  • Drag and Drop trees, shrubs, grass, etc.
  • Grow plants - entire landscape or individually
  • Set planting age from seedling to 20 years
  • Botanical guide for each planting
  • Area calculator
  • Custom pathway designer and edging
  • Gazebos and yard furnishings
  • Mulch, gravel, paver brick
  • Fence - Privacy, Picket, Ranch, Split-Rail
  • Plant categories include: Trees, Annuals, Shrubs, Hedges, Cacti, Bulbs, Perennials, Wildflowers, Ground Cover, Ornamental Grass, Tropicals, Edibles, Container and Potted
  • Add ponds, pools, fill regions
  • Landscape Estimator
  • Precision landscape lighting adds photo-realistic light rendering
  • Add glowing illuminated light bulbs to fixtures
  • Exterior accessories include: buildings, furniture, planters, playground equipment, pools and more
  • AutoClick Placement

  • Locate a specific plant by its name
  • Specify plant category to search
  • Save search for later use
  • International plant zone maps

  • Retaining walls
  • Ponds of any size, height, or depth
  • Custom Property line tool
  • Custom paths: one click toggles between straight/curved
  • Up to 1000' x 1000' lot size

Custom Roof Tools
  • Click and drag roof placement
  • Customize standard roofs to any pitch
  • 3 and 4-Point Freehand Roof Tools
  • Create freehand style roofs from existing wall segments
  • Complex roof design
  • Multiple elevation control points
  • Pitch angle
  • Auto-generate roof for your home design

  • Standard spreadsheet interface
  • Exports to .XLS spreadsheet format
  • Wainscotting, base wall trim and library paneling
  • Wall coverings
  • Area calculations by room and floor
  • Step and skirting material square ft
  • Roof truss schedule
  • Roof materials by square ft or roofing squares
  • Windows and Door schedules
  • Plumbing and Electrical schedules
  • Variable-size stud schedule
  • Area calc for floor
  • Landscape plantings schedule
  • Linear feet of edging and fences
  • Driveway/paver area
  • Square ft of lot, ground fill/mulch areas
  • Deck schedule
  • Create master price lists

3D Custom Workshop
  • Fully-integrated 3D CAD program
  • Furniture design to mechanical
  • Edit existing objects
  • Spline-based geometry
  • Auto-inserts into home design
  • Create your own object library
  • Surface mapping to apply new material
  • Auto Preview creator for custom objects
  • 3 Material application modes: single, group, texture replace
  • Custom objects included in Estimator

  • Template overlay in one drawing
  • Turn on/off for easy viewing
  • Draw in 2D, see realistic 3D
  • "Smart" objects attach to walls

Electrical Items
  • Duplex wall outlets
  • Switched wall outlets
  • 12 light styles, including landscape, recessed and spot lighting, can and flood lights, heat vent and vent lights
  • Wall fixtures
  • Cable TV, phone jacks
  • Smoke detector, thermostats
  • Ceiling fans
  • Precision lighting adds photo-realistic light rendering
  • Add glowing illuminated light bulbs to fixtures
  • Night view capability
  • Control lights with on/off switch, dimmer, fall off, ambient on/off, beam and direction
  • Shadows rendered on multiple surfaces from multiple light sources

Plumbing Items
  • Toilet
  • Single/double/triple bowl sinks
  • Faucet fixtures
  • Showers, basin sinks
  • Bath and spa tubs
  • Tub/Shower Combinations

Deck Tools
  • Open or closed style steps
  • Multi-level and multi-story design
  • Free-form or included standard sizes
  • Automatic railing and stair generator
  • Apply same material or colors
  • Skirt toggle on/off
  • Freestanding or next to house
  • Square footage calculator
  • Custom handrail height
  • Custom baluster spacing
  • Deck Cutout Tool

3D PhotoView
  • Import photos into 3D
  • View image from virtually any angle
  • Realistic perspective
  • Embellish your design
  • Combine real world with virtual design
  • Add family members and art to your plan

  • True North
  • Depict direction of shadows and sun's position
  • Accurate design placement on lot

Service Links
  • Support
  • Shopping
  • Design Advice
  • How-To

Windows System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista
  • Intel Pentium 3, Celeron, or compatible 1.0 GHz processor or higher (multi-core processors supported)
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 5.25 GB of available hard disk space
  • VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024 x 768 with 32-bit color
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Mouse with mouse wheel required
  • 64 MB Video Memory Card
  • Internet access required to use some features

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