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REVERE 1095343 Stainless Steel Pasta Insert

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Product Description

Manufacturer Part Number: 1095343

•   Stainless Steel Pasta Insert fits both the 8-qt and 10-qt Revere Stockpots
•   25 Year Limited Warranty

Revere® Use & Care Stainless Steel Cookware, Tri-Ply™ Cookware, Aluminum Encapsulated & Copper Clad Cookware


  • NEVER LET COOKWARE BOIL DRY OR USE ON HIGH HEAT. Products with Tri-Ply™  / aluminum disc / or encapsulated bottoms may melt / separate.
  • Place hot cookware / bakeware on heat-resistant surface.
  • Handles and knobs may get hot. Cookware, ovenware / bakeware will get hot when used in oven.

Always use potholders.

  • DO NOT make double boiler out of pots that are not designed for that purpose.
  • DO NOT make repairs or use damaged cookware / bakeware.
  • DO NOT place glass cover on a burner, under a broiler or browning element, or in a microwave oven.
  • DO NOT handle hot glass cover with damp or wet cloth / potholder or put it on a cool or wet surface.
  • Tilt cover to direct steam away from you.
  • Match cookware to burner size. Adjust burner so heat does not extend up the side of the pan / tea kettle.
  • DO NOT use cookware under a broiler, over a campfire, in a microwave oven or on a gas grill.
  • DO NOT HEAT OR LEAVE AN EMPTY NON-STICK PAN ON A HOT BURNER for more than three (3) minutes. Fumes, from non-stick pan heated empty, can be fatal to pet birds or cause temporary flu-like symptoms in humans.
  • DO NOT overfill tea kettle. Keep water level below base of spout.


  • See warnings stated above.
  • All Revere® cookware can be used on gas and electric coil ranges. Tri-Ply™  / Encapsulated cookware can also be used on most smooth-top ranges. Consult the owner’s manual of your range for recommended cookware.
  • BEFORE USING FOR THE FIRST TIME: Wash cookware thoroughly with hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry.
  • Oven Use: REVERE® cookware can be used in a preheated oven. Phenolic handles and knobs can be used in oven up to 350°F or 175°C. DO NOT put in oven when self-cleaning cycle is operating.


  • Cover Vacuum: Cover left on pan after turning heat down or off may result in a vacuum that causes the cover to seal the pan. If cover seal occurs, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE COVER FROM PAN IN ANY WAY. Contact World Kitchen, LLC office nearest you (see list). To avoid a cover seal, remove cover or set it ajar before turning heat off. If cover has vent, open vent to avoid seal.
  • Pour spouts on each side of some saucepans and colander covers make draining and straining foods easy. Turn cover carefully to select small or larger straining holes. Always hold knob on cover when straining.


  • DO NOT use bleach or other chlorinated cleaners.
  • To prevent warping, let cookware cool before coming into contact with water.
  • To remove burned-on food, soak before cleaning and scrub with plastic scouring pad if necessary.
  • Use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner to remove heat discoloration (rainbow appearance) or food stains (from starchy foods).
  • Salt can “pit” stainless steel surfaces. Add salt to liquid only after it reaches the boiling point and stir to dissolve. DO NOT store acidic or salty foods in cookware.
  • Constant dishwasher cleaning will remove the gloss from the phenolic handles and cover knobs.
  • It is the nature of copper to discolor through the application of heat as well as from climatic conditions. These stains are merely an oxide film and can be removed with a copper cleaner.

Additional Accessories

  • See warnings stated above.
  • To prevent warping, let product cool before coming in contact with water.
  • Thoroughly wash product after each use. Use hot, soapy water to avoid staining caused by food or grease residue buildup.
  • To remove burned-on food, soak before cleaning and scrub with plastic scouring pad if necessary.

Use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner to remove heat discoloration (rainbow appearance) or food stains (from starchy foods).

NOTE: International(exclude Canada)/PO box deliveries are not available.

Product Specifications


Restricted States

This product does not ship to the APO address and the following addresses: PR, AK, HI.

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Date Added: Sunday 20 January, 2013
I wanted the Pasta Strainer and I like it, however it is too tall for the 4.5 qt. Dutch Oven and fits the 8 qt. Dutch Oven better since it is taller. However it stands 2" off the bottom of the pot so is not immersed in water. In order to cook pasta water has to be filled half way to cover the pasta and then when the water boils it spills over the side of the pot. I am not sold on this model and may return it if I find a different Pasta Strainer that works better.
Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Friday 27 July, 2012
The product got excellence in workmanship, materials and design. It's very useful to people who are kitchen fanatic.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Friday 16 December, 2011
i had been looking for this i saw a coustmer useing it and i just had to have one it is easer to cook and strain in one pan
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
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