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Therion Sport Balance MTR Magnetic Low Back Support

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Product Description

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Therion's Balance MTR™ Magnetic Back Brace provides powerful, natural pain relief for the lower back, helping back strains, back spasms, and sore aching muscles.

Quick Overview...

* Pain relief for back strains and muscle spasms
* Reduce injury recovery time by as much as 30% - 40%
* Reduces muscle strain while bending & lifting
* Helps improve lumbar flexibility
* Increases circulation and oxygenation
* Breathable, adaptive comfort for 24/7 wearability
* Controlled therapeutic warmth
* Adjustable compression & support
* Lifetime warranty, made in USA

Using Therion's Advanced Biomagnetics® the Balance Back Brace helps regain flexibility and speed healing of minor back injuries.

All Therion MTR supports and braces use exclusive Thermal Reactive™ adaptive comfort neoprene.

This high-performance, breathable fabric allows you to comfortably wear any Therion support 24/7, for as long as you need. It provides adaptive therapeutic warmth and flexible compression to control swelling and muscle soreness...

Measure around your waist

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Adjustable Velcro closure for proper fit.

Includes easy-to-follow instructions. All magnets are bio-north facing the body. Made in the USA.

What can I use the Balance Magnetic Back Brace for?

Back Pain Relief

After injury or strain, back pain is caused by swelling and damage to muscle tissues. Back spasms are also a common source of pain. Spasms are primarily caused when muscles do not receive enough oxygen.

Improving blood circulation is crucial to both back pain relief and reducing muscle spasm. Scientific research has consistently proven that strong magnetic fields help the body regulate blood flow. They constrict or dilate the walls of capillary blood vessels, depending on what response the body requires.

After a recent injury, magnetic fields act to capillaries, reducing blood flow. This removes swelling from the area more effectively than using an ice pack, and decreases pain and tenderness.

Once swelling is reduced, magnetic fields allow capillary walls to relax and dilate easier, increasing blood circulation again. This delivers more oxygen to muscle tissues, relieving spasm and allowing the healing process to begin sooner.

Faster Healing of Back Strains

The Balance magnetic back brace uses both Advanced Biomagnetics and controlled therapeutic warmth to relax capillaries. Blood circulation around the lower back increases, delivering more oxygen and nutrients for cellular repair. This speeds up the healing process, and can reduce recovery time by as much as 30% - 40%.

Injury Prevention

To help prevent back strain and pain, wear the Balance MTR back brace just before and during any strenuous activities.

By increasing blood flow and oxygenation, it helps pre-condition the lower back, much like warming up before exercise. This relaxes muscles to aid flexibility, and lessens the chance of muscle spasm.

The Balance magnetic back brace's adjustable compression also helps support the lumbar back. It reduces strain on muscles while bending or lifting, without restricting movement.

Advanced Biomagnetics®
Reaching the source of back pain with maximum magnetic strength is the key to faster, more effective pain relief and healing. Advanced Biomagnetics match the most effective biomagnet combinations for:

* each specific body area

* the purpose of use (e.g. pain, sleep)

* how severe a condition's symptoms are

The Balance MTR back brace uses 28 extra large, high-power ceramic magnets. These surround the entire lower back with a dense, high-energy (bio-north) magnetic field.

The large size (greater mass) of these biomagnets produces therapeutic fields that are even stronger than the small neodymium magnets used in other products. (see Dr. Bakst comparison) They penetrate deep into muscle tissue, targeting the sources of lower back pain -- not just the symptoms.

All Therion products are bio-north facing the body. Instructions for proper use included. Made in the USA.

Thermal Reactive™

After poor product design, comfort is the #2 reason why people get limited results using both magnet therapy and standard orthopedic supports. You simply cannot wear them long enough to truly benefit.

Neoprene provides the best compression without hindering body movement, but it retains all body heat and sweat, causing overheating. "Breathable" neoprenes have holes that release ALL body heat, offering no benefit to blood flow, and leaving the skin feeling cold, and clammy.

Therion's state-of-the-art Thermal Reactive™ breathable neoprene uniquely solves this problem. It can easily be worn 24/7, providing self-adaptive comfort and flexible compression, enhancing the results from biomagnetics.

Thermal Reactive enhances your relief by:

* Maintaining therapeutic warmth
* Increases blood flow
* Soothes sore muscles
* Adapting to physical activity
* Pumps out excess heat & sweat
* Pulls in cooler, drier outside air
* Prevents overheating
* Enhancing long-term comfort
* High-performance breathability
* Soft, non-irritating skin comfort
* Flexible compression
* Weatherproof durability

Therion Magnetic Thermal Reactive supports are the next evolution in advanced therapeutic comfort, accelerated recovery, and effective natural pain relief...

Product Specifications
# of Magnets: 28
Type of Magnets Used: Anisotropic Ceramic
Mfr. Gauss Rating: 4,300 gauss
Magnet Size: ¾" x ¼"
Max. Penetration Depth: 6½"
Effective Penetration Depth: 5"
Support Material: Patented, Thermal Reactive™ breathable, adaptive neoprene
Inner Lining: Soft Plush

Product Specifications


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