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Therion Platinum - Magnetic Therapy Pad

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Product Description

Platinum™ magnetic therapy pads relieve pain and swelling faster than an ice pack or heating pad.

Platinum magnetic body pads also improve blood circulation over the area they cover. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to damaged cells, and can speed up healing by as much as 50%.

Compact, lightweight, soft and flexible, Platinum magnetic pads can be comfortably used anywhere on the body for a wide range of ailments. Unlike an ice pack, there's no annoying on-again, off-again treatment because of freezing cold temperatures.

Platinum magnetic pads are excellent for bumps and bruises, muscle tension and spasms, headaches, minor burns, and even insect bites.

You can use a Platinum magnetic pad for as long as you need, and conveniently take them anywhere you go.

Easy-to-follow instructions included. All pads are bio-north facing the body, and clearly marked for proper use. Made in the USA.

When selecting a size, the magnetic pad should be larger, or close to the same size as the area it will be applied to. (Use X-Power Pads for larger areas.)

Product # /Size
PN500 4"x4"
PN501 5"x7"

Product Specifications
# of Magnets: 4"x4" = 9; 5"x7" = 24
Type of Magnets Used: 1. Neodymium; 2. Anisotropic Ceramic
Mfr. Gauss Rating: 1. 13,500 gauss; 2. 4,300 gauss
Magnet Size: ¾" x ¼"
Max. Penetration Depth: 9"
Max. Effective Penetration Depth: 7"
Inner Cushioning: Flexible Foam
Outer Covering: Soft Plush, Velcro-sensitive


Swelling is the body's way of telling you there's an injury. It makes an area painful and difficult to move, cautioning you to prevent further injury.

Swelling is NOT part of the healing process though. It actually hinders it. Reduction of swelling is essential to decreasing pain, restoring range of motion, and most importantly, allowing the body to begin healing itself.

Applying ice to a recent injury helps constrict capillaries - the tiny blood vessels running through our entire body. This slows the rush of blood and inflammatory agents that cause swelling. As the swelling goes down, pain and tenderness are reduced.

Ice has always been used because it's simple, readily available, and conventional -- we all know it helps. But ice is very limited.

Ice can only be used on-and-off for very short periods of time (about 15-20 minutes). Freezing temperatures quickly get uncomfortable, and can cause cellular damage when used for too long. These necessary pauses in treatment actually allow swelling to return when ice is not being applied.

Magnetic therapy works much faster and more effectively than ice. Studies worldwide have shown that bio-north (negative) magnetic fields help the body regulate both the constriction and dilation of capillary blood vessels.

Unlike ice, and even other magnetic products, the Advanced Biomagnetics® used in Therion Platinum Pads and MTR Supports can reach capillaries located deeper below the skin surface, reducing more swelling in less time. Even better, Therion magnetic pads and supports can be used consistently, without any pause in treatment to allow swelling to return.

By far, the greatest benefit of magnetic therapy's rebalancing effect is that it continues to help when swelling is gone and healing begins. Ice can only constrict capillaries, which actually slows down healing. This is why ice is only used within the first 24 hours of injury.

Magnetic therapy is able to play a dual-role. During healing, it helps capillary blood vessels to relax and dilate. Blood flows more efficiently, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to damaged cells for quicker repair. (See Healing for more information.)

Inflammation Affecting Nerves & Joints

Therion magnetic pads and supports are NOT limited to treating swelling from injury. Therion's Advanced Biomagnetics® can also help chronic conditions where inflammation is putting pressure on a nerve. Sciatica, herniated discs, and carpal tunnel syndrome typically respond to magnetic therapy very well, easing symptoms of shooting pain, pins-and-needles, and numbness.

Magnetic therapy can also help joint-related inflammation - easing pain and stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis and after surgery. In some cases, Therion customers have said the progression of their arthritis seemed to slow down or stop altogether. More research in this area is still being done, but this is an immense benefit if proven.

But the most important benefit that magnetic therapy provides is safe, natural pain relief - with no side effects. Instead of relying on chemical reactions and changes, as with medications, magnetic therapy optimizes the body's own physiology to better heal itself - so there is no health risk.

Pain Relief

Removing swelling is not the only way magnetic therapy can help reduce pain. Magnetic fields also have a more direct influence on nerve cells.

When in a normal state, our nerves have a slightly negative potential (electric charge) of about -70mV. This is maintained by a careful balance of sodium and potassium ions.

When we are injured, the balance of electro-chemical ions shifts, causing the electric charge to become more positive. Once a certain threshold is passed (usually +40mV), a pain signal is sent to the brain. Bigger electric shifts will transmit stronger pain signals.

Placing the bio-north side of a magnet directly over an area of pain can actually help restore the balance of electro-chemical ions. The reason here is that the bio-north side of a magnet is also the negative polarity. As the electric potential shifts closer to the normal resting state, pain signals are reduced and relieved.

Therion's Advanced Biomagnetics® produce the strongest magnetic fields, optimized for each area of the body to provide the best results. Therion magnets are specifically made with very high gauss ratings, and are much larger in size than the standard magnets used in other products. (Greater mass produces more energy.)

This combination of size and strength ensures maximum penetration, reaching nerves located deeper within the body for stronger, faster pain relief.

Muscle Spasm

The primary cause of muscle spasm is a lack of oxygen supply to muscle tissue. Traditionally, heating pads and creams are used to soothe aching muscles. The mild warmth they provide causes capillary blood vessels to dilate slightly. This allows blood to flow easier, carrying more oxygen to muscles.

While heat is a well-known treatment, it's not the most effective. Heat is limited to capillaries located just beneath the skin's surface, and it takes time for warmth to radiate through muscle tissue to begin working .

Studies worldwide have shown that bio-north (negative) magnetic fields help the body regulate the dilation of capillary blood vessels. When the right magnets are used, magnetic therapy immediately reaches capillaries and muscles located deeper below the skin, saturating the entire area. This maximizes blood circulation and oxygenation, providing better and faster relief of muscle spasm and tension.

However, there are two major limitations. If small and/or weak magnets are used, the penetration depth of their magnetic fields will be severely restricted - as will muscle relief.

The same holds true with flexible, multi-pole magnets. These have both north and south polarities on the same side, causing the magnetic fields to attract each other and cancel out about ½" away. With magnetic therapy, the south polarity is known to increase pain and inflammation. This negates most or all benefits received, and can worsen some conditions.

The Advanced Biomagnetics® used in Therion magnetic pads and MTR supports overcome these limitations by using extra-large, high-gauss, bio-north magnets. The superior mass and power of Therion magnets produces true, deep-penetrating magnetic fields that saturate muscle tissue. With greater therapeutic effectiveness, muscle spasm and tension are reduced faster and more effectively than heating pads, creams, and other magnetic products.


Magnetic therapy is a simple and very effective means of speeding up recovery. It's able to reduce swelling and pain, and most importantly, improve blood circulation.

A 1999 double-blind study found that magnets placed over the operative areas of liposuction patients drastically reduced pain, swelling and discoloration within the first few days as compared to the control group (using sham magnets).

Bio-north (negative) magnetic fields help dilate capillary blood vessels. This enhances blood flow, transporting vital oxygen and nutrients to cells and damaged tissue more efficiently. As the body is optimized to better heal itself, recovery times can be reduced as much as 50%.

Bio-north magnetic fields also help the body maintain a healthy, slightly alkaline pH level in the blood. This is important, because when blood is more acidic, yeast, bacteria, and disease thrive, and the body becomes more susceptible to sickness.

Calcium ions are not as easily absorbed when blood is more acidic too. Calcium ions play pivotal roles in bone formation, muscle contraction, tissue repair, and transmitting nerve signals. By helping maintain a proper pH level, bio-north magnetic fields help optimize the body to better repair itself and protect against illness.

Helpful Tips when Using Magnets:

The sooner magnetic therapy is applied after injury or surgery, the quicker and more noticeable the effects will be. Long-term conditions tend to require more time.

For the best results, consistent use is important. Even after pain and swelling subside, the healing process is still continuing within the body. Removing a magnetic pad or support too soon can allow pain and swelling to return.

Magnets will NOT affect surgical pins, plates, screws and similar objects. These are made of non-magnetic metals, such as surgical stainless steel.

IMPORTANT: Magnetic therapy should NEVER be used over open wounds.

Should I Use a Magnetic Pad or Support?

Therion magnetic pads can be used anytime, anywhere. They're primarily recommended for small areas of recent pain or swelling.

Muscle tension and spasms, headaches, minor burns, bumps and bruises, and even insect bites all respond very well to magnetic therapy. (Often within the first 15 minutes of use.) Typically, the sooner Therion magnetic pads are applied to an injury or ailment, the faster results are felt.

Therion MTR braces and supports are recommended for chronic conditions and pain. They are best used for body areas constantly in motion, including larger joints, like the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees, as well as the lower back.

The added compression and support of a magnetic brace helps ease pain during movement, assists with bending, and enhances comfort. Braces are the better option if you lead a more active lifestyle. They will fit more securely than a magnetic pad with a comfort wrap.

Restrictions on Use

* Do not use magnetic therapy if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted electro-medical device.
* Do not use magnetic therapy if you are pregnant.
* Magnetic therapy should NEVER be used over open wounds.
* If you have received a localized cortisone injection, do not use magnetic therapy over the same area within the first 2 weeks.

Comfort Wraps (NOT included) available (Accessory for reference):

Style Number/Actual Length/Stretches Up To*
FBF-AC530 12" 17"
FBF-AC532 24" 34"
FBF-AC534 38" 52"
FBF-AC536 52" 72"

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