Grafco Ear Syringe, 3 Oz. Ear Syringe

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by Michael J. Fields "IronmanSpeedGuy" Date Added: Tuesday 15 June, 2010

I contacted the seller for a tracking number because I did not get one, and I received a response the next day. Overall this item is what I have been looking for. my doctor said it will do just fine for self-use. However there is one minor fault with it. It had some type of dark colored grease residue on the inside of the shaft. It was easily removed with a piece of steel wool shoved in and sponged out with soapy water. Yeah, the thing leaks somewhat, but you should be using this in the shower or near a sink with a towel on the floor anyway. The syringe itself has a powerful blast to it, so go easy when you first use it. Recommended by my Doctor: Put 2-3 drops of mineral oil in each ear twice a day for one week(2 at Walmart or Woodman's). Then ball up some tissue or use ear plugs so it does not drip out. Keep the tissue/ear plugs in for 10-15 minutes while tilting your head so the mineral oil can descend into the ear canal and then take them out. When the oil leaks out just wipe it with tissue, but REFRAIN from flushing your ears for the whole week. It takes some days to soften up the wax as it tends to harden and stick to the ear drum. Do this process for the better part of a week. At the end of the week of the mineral oil process, fill a bowl of warm water(not hot, not lukewarm and not cold)and blast the water in each ear about 4-5 times. Not too hard. I would say 1/2 - 3/4 push and repeat with each ear. Do not put the nozzle inside the ear, but aim at the inside of the ear canal about a centimeter or so away from the hole. This way the water that flushes out can have an escape route. You might get a minor ear irritation after the process, but that is only temporary and lasts no more than 10-20 minutes. Especially if you never did this sort of thing before. It definitely beats cue-tips, the bulb flusher, or any of the various ear-wax kits out there as I have used them all. Mineral Oil is all you need. Olive Oil is also a good alternative, but it is expensive and you will get the same results. Why waste the extra money on premium stuff. After I did this process I seen a lot of balled up softened ear wax fall out in large gunks. It was disgusting to say the least, but after I was finished, I felt like I had a pair of brand new ears. In fact, I felt like I had the hearing of a dog or some bat-sonar. It feels great to have extremely clear hearing again. Everything was audible and I have no problems hearing anymore or asking to repeat the question due to clogged up ear-wax. As a final note it is recommended to do this process at least once every 6-12 months. To deter a large wax build-up for the next time it would be wise to put mineral oil in both ears(2-3 drops each) once or twice a week before a shower/bath. don't worry about flushing it out. It will leak out eventually anyway and take small amounts of wax with it. Then when it comes time to flush your ears it will be that much easier and you can skip the 2-3 drops twice a day for a week and go right to the flushing process. I hope this helps those out there who have major ear-wax build-up problems like I had. It really does do an excellent job. Try it and you will see. I have had ear-wax build-up problems for 20 years and had them flushed professionally on several occasions, but doing it myself now saves me a trip from the Doctor. Highly recommended! 5 stars for sure.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
by C. Palmer Date Added: Monday 29 June, 2009

The product unfortunately came in an open cardboard box from Pakistan and it clearly banged around a bit during transport. It placed a series of dents on the tube which makes it somewhat hard to use the full range of the plunger. It still works and much more control is needed, but could have been avoided if some styrofoam or air bags were used.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]
by Rosa A. Martinez "Gaelito" Date Added: Tuesday 08 April, 2008

I really needed this for my personal use on my ears, and it's the best thing ever.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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